Showering in public

18 Sep

One of the best things about being on our friend’s big boat is well, being on their big boat. We arrived on Thursday at sunset, and it was beautiful – fog was rolling down the hill, you could see the bank of fog that had earlier engulfed the SF Bay, but in our little marina in Sausalito, it was just GOR-GEOUS.

It was a challenge to work from the boat on Friday but somehow between spotty wifi from the coffee house that blares bad french music, and my blackberry with the itty bitty screen, I got the job done.

We had dinner reservations at Sushi Ran so armed with my big bag of girlie goods, I left the big boat and headed to the marina showers.

I’ve used these showers before – we stay on our friend’s big boat every September – so I knew what to expect. First year I was not so wise. That year I went barefoot. Was damn lucky I didn’t contract some sort of scaly toe web fungus thingy.

Now that’s not to say the marina bathrooms are dirty – they are not. The poddy’s are very clean and well stocked. The counters are debris free and dry. But the shower stalls. Hmmm.

BUT – flip flops are a must. I imagine the lady who used the shower before me yesterday left bald. I was worried I’d have to use the toe of my flipper to nudge the hairball out of the drain – and equally worried if I didn’t I’d be standing ankle deep in a pool of soapy dreadlocks soon.

I decide this is not the time to luxuriate under the warm spray of water. Get the hell out asap. And that got me thinking about etiquette in public bathrooms.

We all know the courtesy flush is mandatory – and after you use the sink, you wipe the water off the counter – but what about the shower? What is the etiquette? I think common sense tells us to leave it in better condition than we found it, but I’m not game enough to go there here.

We were with HIM and HER and HE said anything goes – and he meant it. Given the risk of scaly moldy burning itchy feet, HE absolutely ascribes to peeing when HE gets in and again when HE gets out. Calls it organic, it’s the all-natural biocide. Thinks Whole Foods would buy it…

Needless to say, flip flops are a must people and it’s not just the hair in the drain you have to be worried about.  Thank god for anti-bacterial gel. Just saying.


2 Responses to “Showering in public”

  1. Nicki September 22, 2010 at 6:14 pm #

    Love it!

    Oh, and by the way, Shine is part of Yahoo!. As for the online book club, hit the link on my site to take you there and check it out if you are interested.

  2. Nikki Rules January 26, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    Flip-flops are not only a must but they are totally a way of life here! Etiquette-shmetiquette, these old hags care for nothing else except for their weekly bingo outing, their welfare check, and their phentex slippers. heh heh, yes I have a side of mean’ness to me. Sometimes.

    Loved this story! And, its also best to know the maintenance schedule. I always go as soon as my Mexican buddy is done. He’s my buddy because his clean up job RULES!

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