What happens in Vegas… part 2

2 Oct

Well Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore. Or where we really live. It’s always best to start at the beginning, all you have to do is follow the yellow brick road…

As we arrived at Haze, that oh so magical place, the world had turned technicolor: there were big bad dudes puffing out their big bad chests, Europeans wearing too much bling, and anorexic chicks with over-bleached strawlike hair.

So armed with our VIP passes, we  interlocked our arms are were off to see the Wizard. Or rather, the DJ. Some of the funniest stuff we saw happened in the general admission “lines”. Coming down the escalator, I counted no less than four hoochie mamas tugging their slinky mini dresses downward. Sweetie, if the dress don’t fit, you must a-quit. Even Sasha Gray wouldn’t wear something so short.

Me, I was in my black cropped cargo pants, hot pink tube top, and 4.5″ gladiator stilettos.  The hubby was looking mighty fine himself (and insists I keep him somewhat out of my posts).

We were immediately blinded as we entered the club – the lights are dark in those corridors – but the strategically placed lights shining off the semi-nekked go-go dancers behind the glass wall helped us find our way. And this was before we even got into the club itself!

Welcome to the jungle – yeah, another metaphor so what? – we were shocked, amazed, intrigued, and personally I was recording every moment in my brain for later use – there were go-go pods, stages, and cages filled with beautiful and sexy girls. I was wearing my hardly ever worn contact lenses so I had to blink several times, was I seeing a posse of scantily clad dancers all wearing leopard skin and feathers? Blink blink. Yes. I. Was. The hubby whispered in my ear: “Is this free?”

LAUGH OUT LOUD – honey, take a picture, no one is gonna believe this!!

There was this one amazing dancer, and we can only surmise this was her night off from a Cirque Du Soleil show she is obviously the star of – she climbed up this pole and with only one leg wrapped around it, was able to flip around and I don’t know – it’s circus shit. Until she fell on her head. At least, we think it was unintentional. Crazy and creative nonetheless.

We tried to dance – but the bass speakers (the size of Hummers) were so loud, it made the hairs on our arms stand straight up. If you’ve been in a place like this, you know what the heck I’m talking about. It’s bi-zarre! And cool. But not so cool to stand too close to it.

So we moved off to the outskirts of the “entertainment” floor. Just off the “table” areas. You know, the tables that are reserved for folks who have nothing better to spend their money on than $1000 bottles of Vodka and whatnot.

Which is where we met “Tony” and “Trisha” – no, that’s not their real names… The hubby is one of these guys who meets people easily and everyone likes. If you know him, you know what I mean. Anyway, the hubby and Tony struck up a conversation about baseball and that was it. Instant BFFs or whatever the boys call it.

We all chatted and drank expensive cocktails and at 2am, the hubby and I were on our way back to our hotel. Interesting people, interesting scenery, interesting stories.

Stories still to tell – because Tony and Trisha’s story doesn’t end here. And the VIP table scene. Sorry Guido.

Stay tuned for part 3


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