My Moby Dick

7 Nov

I’m in the final two weeks before my first major website release.

It’s consuming me right now. Eating away at me from the inside. Twelve hour days are not uncommon – in fact – they are to be expected. Emotions are running high for all of us as we realize, we are in fact chasing our tails.

Or tales. Lack of sleep and too much tension are making me paranoid. I feel like I’m chasing a ghost. Questioning every move I’ve made since January when it all began. Waking up at 2am reliving the past and anticipating a doomsday on 11/18.

At 4am the other morning, I thought to myself – I’m battling a huge monster. Why? I didn’t create or conjure this monster, so why am I wading in these waters about to be swallowed by the whale? Hence the title of this blog post.

Like the narrator, I feel played although I’ve been going along with the adventure. I buy into it – this release is my own Moby Dick – it’s taken on a surreal yet real life. I find that I’ve turned it into a living being.

At 7am I realize I’ve let the ghost in. But I also see the dawn of light entering and realize – it’s not a monster. It’s a website.

And the website might be a huge white whale, but it’s still bits and bytes. And fancy graphical design. And while I am a bit under water right now, I’m not being swallowed whole. I can breathe, I can swim. And I can surf.

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