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The other white meat

20 Nov

I love pig. I love chops and ribs and butt. And yes I love bacon. So if you put any tasty-salty-pig-parts anywhere near my greedy little fingers, I will snarf it and make snuffle sounds and lick my fingers when I’m done.

It’s that good.

So the hubby can’t take me to many restaurants where the focal point is pig. It’s a shame because we both believe pork fat rules. So next month, for my birthday, I’ve promised him that I will be on my best behavior (pinky swear!) when he takes me to Incanto.

I’m having the most delicious fantasies. Boccalone platter in my choice of piglet, sow, or OMG boar!! Pork belly with citrus salsa melting in my mouth… I’m swooning as I write this. Dizzy with desire to ‘pig out’.

And then it hits me. I’m a silly fool. This is my heart’s desire? To rip the moist and tender ever so flavorful flesh off a rib bone? Seems a little selfish and unromantic, dontcha think?

My inner good girl and bad girl start fighting.

Good girl: It’s very unladylike to have such thoughts about a protein.

Bad girl: Depends on the protein {wink}

GG: Now you’re just trying to change the subject. Pig is fine, but you should have other fantasies, if you know what I mean.

BG: Oh I do I swear. I also have some vivid dreams involving chocolate, caramel, and fleur de sel.

GG: That’s not what I meant!

BG: I know, not food related. My biggest fantasy of all has to do with a pair of Christian Louboutin peep toe heels. That’s all I’m telling you.

I think it’s a draw.

Counting down the days til I get to live out this fantasy. Not saying which one, but T-minus-30-and-counting. Yum.

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